About Us

Hello, we are happy to announce Saotometaichi, the number one of the Taichi (read: Taiji) gears in the internet.

We want to describe about our name first. Saotometaichi is actually divide by three words. São Tomé is the first one. This is the small island at Guinea that we have stumbled upon. That’s why we are want to use that name. Tachi is self-explained, we are listed Tachi stuff that avaialble.

The product that listed on Saotometaichi are:

  • Taichi outfit: Uniform, Shoes, Gloves, Bags
  • Taichi Ornaments: Sword, Fan, Artefact
  • And other Taichi stuff

Every product have their own shipping date and payment which listed, please be aware that we have terms of service and privacy policy. We hope you are enjoy surfing on our site, and happy shopping!