Dear visitor, we are always informed many events that are available at Saotometaichi. Please note all events only available on the time period. Be sure to read all the regulation and you might be eligible to get the result.

Here are the list of the events which are available:

New Year Taichi Event

We also have Vermillion Bird press, this is how we dedicate every event to them. Please read the press here.

Please note:

  1. We have any rights to change without any information
  2. We have terms of services and privacy policy which you must comply with it.
  3. The quota is limited, first come first serve basis
  4. Here are the event log (which we will recover later)
    1. 3778
    2. 3232
    3. 3217
    4. 3053
    5. 2660
    6. 2580 (Already recovered)
    7. 2394
    8. 1725
    9. 1184 (Already recovered)