Luxury Retractable Telescopic Sword Tai Chi Stainless Steel Martial Arts Kung Fu Weapon Birthday Gifts

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Showcase Luxury Retractable Telescopic Sword Tai Chi Stainless Steel Martial Arts Kung Fu Weapon Birthday Gifts

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Luxury Retractable Telescopic S-word Tai Chi Blade Metal Telescopic S-word Martial Arts Kungfu Weapon Birthday Gifts

Set: Inch Celebrity, Inch*tote And Inch*tassel (Normally, We Send Red Color Tassel, Even If You Desired Other Colors, Remember To Make Our Message. Thanks.)

Web Weight: Roughly 0. 6kg

Material: All Stainless

Detail Pictures

Inch. Typical Layout:

2. Luxury Design. (it Means 2nd Models, Perhaps Not 2pcs. Take Note)

Question: Exactly What’re The Differences Between The Two Plans?

Answer: Inch Standard Layout And 2 Luxury Design And Style, They Have The Same Materials, Size, And Weight.

Only The Handle Area Has A Various Layout. The Blissful Luxury Design Possesses Pictures As Well As A Few Chinese Phrases.

Tassel Colors: 1). Three Colors Tassel. Blue 3. Dark Color, 4. 5, 5, Yellow Color. 6, White Shade. Red Colorization Tassel 7. Pink Tassel

We Provide You A Reddish Sword Tassel As Well As A Bag Free Of Charge.

Make Sure You Make Me A Message That Color Of Sword You Like. I Will Send Out You So. We Will Send 1. Take Note. Thanks.


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★★★★★ – Bobo
Traditional gloves. I not much to compare with. Small size my son and Now how far is enough. Delivery not seen-10 days. Monitoring is.

★★★★★ – Tug
Very Good quality. Arrived in time. M Can Be Actually CARVING CARVING m

★★★★★ – Marcus
Quality arrived fairly Sur-prise on my shorts. Very really like. Excellent boarded top 171 pounds 83-86

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